Minimal Taxation

Nevada is one of the most tax-lenient states in the country. Nevada business owners do not have to pay a corporate income tax, personal income tax, nor an annual franchise tax. Think of how much money that saves per year, and what your business could do with those savings.

Optimal Legal Protection

Owners of Nevada corporations and LLCs are protected by some of the strongest legal legislation in the nation.
For example, Nevada is the only state to provide "charging order protection." This means that if an LLC or corporate owner is sued, their stocks and ownership in a company cannot be used to pay for the lawsuit, thus preserving the overall management of the business.

Increased Ownership Privacy

Thanks to minimal reporting requirements, the names and contact information of all owners are not required to appear on public record. For LLCs only one owner is required to be listed upon registration. Corporations require that you list an individual for corporate titles such as President and Secretary. However, one individual may fulfill all of these roles, meaning that the information of other owners within a corporation is kept private.

A Voice for Business Owners

Nevada is home to a well-established and influencial Registered Agents Association. This organization continually lobbies to ensure the state government keeps Nevada as business-friendly as possible. Their mission is to see that Nevada business owners continue to be protected and benefit from Nevada's unique business advantages.